Menog, a distinguished name in the psychedelic trance world, is the stage name for Daniel Bernardo. Hailing from the scenic city of Coimbra in Portugal, Daniel was born in 1979 and quickly showcased an affinity for music. In the early 90s, long before Menog became a known entity in the trance realm, Daniel had been engrossed in metal music, serving as both a guitarist and drummer for a metal band.

This inclination for diverse sounds made it inevitable for Daniel to explore the vast ocean of electronic music. The Portuguese techno scene of the mid-90s played a significant role in piquing his curiosity towards the genre. But it was a transformative experience at his first trance event in 1997, and the subsequent Boom Festival in 1998, that solidified his passion for this genre.

The year 2002 marked a significant milestone for Daniel as he released his debut album titled “Natural Behaviour” under his moniker Menog, via the Starsounds Rec. label. Following this, his musical journey saw him crafting multiple albums and tracks. Some of his standout works include albums such as “Emotions” in 2005, “The Tribe Remixes” in 2006, “Musically Speaking” in 2008, and “Together We Dance” in 2013.

The name Menog isn’t merely a creative whim; it has its roots in an ancient Avestian term related to the afterlife. This deeper understanding and connection to a larger ethos reflect in Menog’s music. His tracks often convey a story-like progression, seamlessly blending emotion with rhythm, making listeners not just hear, but feel the music. This story-telling aspect of his tracks resonates profoundly in his live performances, making them emotionally charged experiences.

Beyond just producing and performing, Daniel’s involvement in the music industry is extensive. He established Spectral Records and has managed its operations, ensuring the label’s contributions to the global trance scene are notable. Moreover, his music has found homes on various renowned labels, including the likes of Nutek, Shiva Space Tech, and several others.

Over the years, Menog’s influence and popularity have grown, with him performing for major trance promoters and even local Portuguese organizers, such as Goodmood. With a career spanning decades and a discography that showcases his evolution as an artist, Menog continues to be an influential figure in the psychedelic trance scene, inspiring others with his dedication and passion for music.

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