Zezia is a well-known name in the world of psytrance music, hailing from the vibrant city of Cape Town in Western Cape, South Africa. The man behind this musical phenomenon is Nicholas Zezia, a freelance Electronic Dance Music (EDM) producer and DJ, associated with PsynOpticz Productions. Over the years, Nicholas has carved a niche for himself within the South African psychedelic scene and beyond, taking listeners on a journey through soundscapes that echo the feeling of freedom he himself has experienced through music.

Despite the limited available information on Nicholas Zezia’s early life and career beginnings, it is clear that his passion for music and the psychedelic culture has been a driving force behind his artistic endeavors. This is evident in his association with PsynOpticz Productions, a leading label and management agency for psytrance artists. As a part of PsynOpticz, Nicholas has had the opportunity to collaborate with other prominent artists and showcase his talent in various trance parties around South Africa.

One of Zezia’s tracks, ‘Lizzard Galaxy,’ was released by Nano Records, a well-respected label in the psytrance community. This particular track was featured in a compilation album titled ‘A Taste of South African Psychedelics’ released by Nano Records. The compilation brings together some of the finest psytrance artists from South Africa, and being a part of such a prestigious collection highlights Zezia’s standing within the local and global psytrance community.

Nicholas Zezia’s journey as Zezia is an ongoing adventure, and while much of his life and work remain shrouded in mystery, there is no doubt that he will continue to contribute to the psytrance scene for years to come. Whether it’s through creating more mesmerizing tracks, DJing at trance parties, or collaborating with other artists, Nicholas Zezia will undoubtedly continue to spread the feeling of freedom that he holds so dear through his music as Zezia.

His unique style and commitment to the psytrance scene have made Nicholas Zezia a respected figure in the community, and his journey as Zezia will undoubtedly inspire many upcoming artists who share his passion for psychedelic music and culture.

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