Aether 2023

Also called “Akasha” in Sanskrit (derived from the root kas meaning “to be”) is the basis and essence of all things in the material world; the first material element created from the astral world and without it, none of the other elements, Earth,water, fire, or air can exist.

Also known as the fifth element, the spirit element,the sky, the space, the absence of physical form,an energy that is present in all things but is not physical itself.

It is immortal, indivisible, infinite, and indestructible. Aether is part of all other elements, it is the essence of emptiness and is the space other elements fill. Without form or boundaries, it has no limits and acts as the medium through which sound travels.

When we acknowledge and pay respects to this space, Ather, Akasha, we balance all other elements in our being. When in a balanced state, it induces knowledge and awareness to understand new and creative ideas. Its influence is limitless,influencing the mind and heart; it expands,enhances, and helps to smoothly sync your energies with the universal energies, offering the highest self-healing powers.