Fernando Seca, popularly known in the psytrance scene as “Waio”, is a force to be reckoned with. This half Brazilian, half Portuguese artist beautifully blends his diverse cultural heritage into ground-breaking electronic music. With an early introduction to music, starting with the violin at the tender age of six, his fascination quickly transitioned into electronic music by the age of thirteen.

It was not long before Fernando’s talent took flight. At just seventeen, he showcased his prowess at Japan’s eminent The Gathering Festival. This was a launching pad, allowing him to rise on the global scene, sharing stages and collaborating with esteemed pioneers of the psychedelic music realm. This rise was not merely based on raw talent. Fernando’s meticulous and mature approach to crafting psytrance beats earned him respect and recognition, eventually leading to the birth of his professional moniker, ‘Waio’.

His music, marked by ingenuity and quality, finds proof in his chart-topping tracks. With recent releases like the ‘Symbolika’ EP and ‘How To Psytrance’ single, Waio is no stranger to the apex of the Beatport charts. Collaborative endeavors have further embellished his portfolio, seeing him work alongside iconic names in the music industry. Collaborations have ranged from other psytrance legends to trance heavyweights such as Armin van Buuren.

Hailing from Sao Paulo and possessing Portuguese roots, Waio is currently based in Germany, a choice reflecting his embrace of diversity and the global appeal of his music. One of his significant achievements, his self-released album “Super Nowa,” received acclaim, a testament to his dedication and passion for music. This dedication was ignited during a Freak’a’delic event in 2003, marking his initial descent into the intoxicating world of psychedelic trance.

An integral part of Waio’s performances is the ‘WAIO CONTROL’. This Reaktor-based software stands out as his signature tool, adding layers of uniqueness to his live sets, ensuring that each performance offers an intelligent and distinctive psychedelic experience.

Waio’s journey, beginning as a passionate teenager, has spanned over 20 years, touching prestigious stages across the globe. His footprint can be found at mega events like A State of Trance, Dreamstate, EDC Las Vegas, and the ever-iconic Tomorrowland. Fernando, with his Waio persona, does not just believe in producing music. He cherishes the power of music to unify and connect souls. Looking forward, he remains excited and open to embracing the infinite cosmic adventures that lie ahead in his musical odyssey.

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