Dubi Dagan, popularly known as Ritmo, is a distinguished figure in the Progressive Trance music scene, famed for translating life experiences into enthralling rhythmic tunes. Born in Israel, his musical journey commenced during his youth, where he was initially drawn to Heavy Metal and later was influenced by electronic sounds from renowned artists like Depeche Mode and Jean Michel Jarre.

His professional entry into the world of music started as a resident DJ at Haifa’s Luna Club. Further honing his skills as a sound engineer at the DubiDub studios, Ritmo’s prowess in merging his sonic skills birthed his Progressive Psytrance project. His collaboration with Iono Music in 2007 marked a significant milestone in his career, leading to the release of his debut album, “Disharmonic Silence,” in 2008. This album, along with subsequent releases like “Grand Slam,” not only expanded his global presence but also helped him gain recognition in the world of trance.

Ritmo’s collaborations extend beyond albums; he has joined forces with notable figures in the trance scene. These include partnerships with Astrix, Liquid Soul, Nok, and Ace Ventura. Additionally, he co-founded the Ritree project with Alon Brillant, which delves into faster and more psychedelic musical territories.

Dagan’s remixing skills are also noteworthy, with his remix of MUTe & Shay Nassi’s track “On Off” achieving commendable success on Beatport’s Psychedelic Trance charts. His other significant works include releases such as “Phrase A,” “Phrase B,” and the “Adventures” album from 2016. The latter, in particular, stands out for encapsulating his global influences, symbolizing his evolution and collaborations.

Apart from studio work, Ritmo’s influence is felt live, with performances gracing the stages of major festivals worldwide, including Fusion Festival, Ozora Festival, and Universo Paralello Festival.

In the earlier days, Eitan Morgenstern was also a part of the group Ritmo till 2006, post which Dubi Dagan pursued Ritmo as a solo project. Today, Ritmo’s music, encapsulating a blend of his life’s rhythms, experiences, and influences, continues to enchant listeners, symbolizing his artistic growth and adaptability.

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