Adam Metcalfe, popularly known as Headoom, is a psy-trance artist who kickstarted his project in 2004. Born in Zimbabwe, he moved to Cape Town in 2001, a relocation that marked the beginning of his fervor for psy-trance music.

He introduced himself to the global audience with his debut album ‘Artelligent’, which is a testament to his unique style. This album, a blend of energetic and psychedelic party tracks, offers acid-infused grooves that take listeners on a roller-coaster journey of varied emotions and atmospheres.

Adam’s distinct touch in production has made a significant mark in the Psyprog genre. This is evident from his second album, ‘Acid Trip Advisor’, released on Iboga Records, which was met with immense success and reaffirmed his spot in the global scene. He also draws inspiration from various influences, including Oliver Mtukudzi, and has shared memorable moments like the ‘Red Ball Incident’ at Origin Festival 2020. Most recently he performed at Boom Festival 2023 in Portugal.

Apart from his music, he has a fun side to him – a cleanliness-focused nature, quirky unused track names, and his dog’s prominence on Instagram. He’s a multi-faceted artist who continuously evolves, ensuring that his music resonates and leaves an impact on his listeners.

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