Liquid Viking

Hailing from the vibrant and diverse music scene of South Africa, Liquid Viking, also known as Robin Peacock in his everyday life, has carved out a distinctive niche in the world of psytrance. Embracing his passion for electronic beats, Peacock has become a prominent figure with a unique sonic identity that transcends conventional psytrance boundaries.

Peacock’s discography is a testament to his creative prowess, highlighted by significant releases that have left an indelible mark on the psytrance community. Notably, the album “Spiritual Awakening” is a multifaceted collection of tracks that showcases Liquid Viking’s ability to infuse classic psytrance elements with fresh, original sounds. Released under the esteemed Solar Tech Records, this album exemplifies Peacock’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre.

Beyond the studio, Liquid Viking, or rather Robin Peacock, delivers mesmerizing performances at major festivals, captivating audiences with his immersive and energetic live sets. His mastery of eerie psytrance sounds, as showcased in the EP “Revolution Inside,” further solidifies his reputation as a trailblazer within the genre. Liquid Viking’s sonic journey extends beyond recorded releases to notable performances at festival stages worldwide.

Robin Peacock’s influence goes beyond the live stage, extending to curated mixes that offer listeners a glimpse into his sonic universe. The exclusive mix for stands as a testament to his skillful curation, seamlessly blending tracks and creating a sonic journey that captivates psytrance enthusiasts.

As Liquid Viking, or Robin Peacock, continues to evolve and push the boundaries of psytrance, his contributions to the genre remain significant. With a discography that resonates with both classic and contemporary psytrance elements, Robin Peacock stands as a testament to the enduring power of electronic music to inspire and unite listeners across the globe.

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