Tune Raider

Tune Raider

Tune Raider, whose real name is Pamm Legg, is a leading figure in South Africa’s psytrance scene with over 17 years of experience as a DJ. Pamm began her foray into the trance world in Cape Town at the age of 17, with her pivotal inspiration coming from the Vortex 2000 event. Her commitment to the scene led her to adopt the name Tune Raider from the popular Playstation game series.

Nationally and internationally, she is recognized for her significant contributions and as a top female performer. Her music style, described as psychedelic full-on, ranges from late-night deep bass-filled sets to joyful, bouncy beats that dominate the morning festival dance floors.

Her passion extends beyond just DJing. Pamm produced a documentary titled “Under the African Sky” to capture and preserve the essence of South Africa’s psytrance culture.

Additionally, she has made remarkable contributions like hosting a radio show, and has a reputation for her exceptional mixing skills, track selection, and commanding stage presence.

Pamm’s dedication to the psytrance scene has allowed her to perform at notable events such as Alien Safari, Rezonance, Vortex, and international festivals like Universo Paralello, Earth Core, and Boomtown Fair. She is currently affiliated with United Beats Records.

Despite the challenges faced in a male-dominated industry, Tune Raider’s resilience saw her achieve milestones, including being the first South African female DJ to tour overseas.

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