Rezonance NYE Festival (or RezFest) has cemented itself as the ultimate New Years Eve celebration in Cape Town, with thousands flocking to celebrate the end of the year.

For a 3 day festival, it’s important to remind yourself of some things before having fun! We’ve put together some of our favourite tips to make the most of your RezFest experience.

Leave expensive valuables and take the essentials

Take a read through our thorough festival checklist that covers pretty much everything you need at a weekend long festival.

The checklist covers everything from the bare essentials, camping goods, personal care items, food and booze, as well as other miscellaneous items to make the experience comfortable.

Take note of directions to the venue

RezFest will take place at Theewaters Sports Club in the beautiful Theewaterskloof. Take note of directions to the venue before leaving and making the trip to the party.

GPS co-ordinates: 34.0221° S, 19.2698° E

  • Proceed east on the N2 for about 68km (past Somerset West and over Sir Lowrys Pass).
  • Exit the N2 left at the R321/Grabouw off-ramp onto the R321. 3. Proceed on the R321 heading towards Villiersdorp (the R321 becomes the R45 as you drive over the dam).
  • About 1km before Villiersdorp, exit the R45 right onto the R43 (only travel for 100m or so).
  • Take your first right onto Old Caledon Road. Drive down to the end of the road & you will see the Sports Club on your right hand side.
  • Look for signs

Secure the best tent location

Remember, the venue will open at 10AM on Sunday 30 December, no earlier.

If you want to secure the ultimate camping spot for your group, it is recommended to arrive early on the first day. There’s often a bit of a backlog arriving at the gate, so be patient and expect to wait for your turn.

Eat good [but light], stay hydrated, replenish electrolytes

Theewaterskloof is expected to reach temperatures above 30 degrees over the NYE period. Try keep your meals balanced, nutritious, light and healthy. Bring along some snacks and food if you can. RezFest will have a ton of food stalls available too.

Make sure to bring your own bottled water. Remember: an adult needs 1 to 2 litres of water per day. Don’t stress about it too much, over-hydration is a thing too.

You should also replenish electrolytes in your system. Electrolytes are available in sachets (from the pharmacy) or in some sports drinks.

“At summer festivals, it’s hot out, and people are dancing — a person loses a lot of fluid this way. But when you sweat out fluid, you’re not just losing water, you’re also losing electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium. Things become dangerous when a person only replaces water and not electrolytes, because this can lead to life-threatening electrolyte imbalances” – Dr. Lewis Nelson, a toxicologist and emergency medicine physician at New York University Langone Medical Center.

Employ a buddy system, meeting points

Familiarize yourself with the venue and determine meeting points beforehand, so if one of your crew member’s gets lost, you know where to find each other.

Stick with your friends as much as you can, especially during the countdown. Nothing sucks more than being by yourself, inebriated, swimming through a sea of people.

If you’re confident enough, approach some friendly looking people on the dance floor and ask them to look after you for a while. Familiarize yourself with the location of the information station and medic tent.

Take heed of booze [especially from strangers]

We’re celebrating the New Year after all, but pace yourself. Don’t go all out before the countdown. There’s a whole weekend of dancing and drinking to get through.

You might even be in a good mood and feel inclined to share drinks from strangers on the dance floor. Rather stay clear of any liquids you didn’t pour yourself.

Report suspicious behaviour

Make friends with your tent neighbours. If you see any suspicious people (especially around the countdown) digging through tents, report them to nearby security officials.

No one should ruin the experience for you!

Add sleep & time out to the agenda

Take a look at the line up times and catch your favourite artists, but be sure to get some down-time. Your body needs roughly 8 hours of sleep a day.

Sleep deprivation can have serious long-term side effects, especially when mixed with substances.

Wear a watch on your wrist to keep track of time. If you feel like you’re in a bad place and need medical attention, find the medic tent and get checked out.

Take care of your hearing

Listening to loud electronic music at thunderous volumes is part of the fun when it comes to enjoying a festival. However, too much music can ruin your ear drums and diminish your hearing. Help your ears by investing in a good pair of ear plugs, they’ll make all the difference.

Don’t drink and drive

Whether you’re headed to the party or going back home, make sure you don’t drink and drive on the roads.

Traffic cops will be alert over the NYE festivities. This year Rezonance NYE Festival takes place about 1 and a half hours away from Cape Town, so make sure you’re sober to drive.