Take note of directions to Pat Busch Mountain Reserve

Rez Fest takes place further away at Pat Busch Mountain Reserve in Robertson. Take note of directions to the venue before leaving. Click here to open Google Maps. Enter in the GPS co-ordinates to your phone or GPS device. GPS co-ordinates: 34°46’23.55” S and 19°59’41.27” E

  • Take the N1 from Cape Town
  • Go through the Huguenot tunnel
  • Continue on the N1
  • Turn right onto the R60
  • Turn left onto Robertson Road/R60
  • Drive through Robertson
  • At the roundabout take the second exit (continue straight)
  • +- 7km after Robertson turn left to Klaasvoogds (West)
  • Look for signs

Read our festival checklist, leave expensive valuables

We’ve put together a thorough festival checklist that will get you through any weekend long festival. Make sure you leave your expensive valuables at home. The list covers everything you need from the bare essentials, camping goods, personal care items, food and booze, as well as other miscellaneous items.


Secure the best tent location

Remember – Pat Busch Mountain Reserve gates open at 10AM on Friday 30 December, no earlier. If you want to secure the best camping spot, it would be smart to arrive early on the first day. There is often a backlog at the gate due to all the excited attendees, so expect to wait a while.

Eat good [but light], stay hydrated, replenish electrolytes

Try keep your meals balanced, nutritious, light and healthy. Bring along some snacks and food if you can. There is ample food stores available at the festival, too.

Roberton is expected to experience temperatures of up to 40 degrees over the Rezonance NYE Festival period. The venue has ample fresh drinking water points, but make sure to bring your own. Remember: an adult needs 1 to 2 litres of water per day. Don’t stress about it too much, over-hydration is a thing too.

You should also replenish electrolytes in your system. Electrolytes are available in sachets (from the pharmacy) or in some sports drinks . “At summer festivals, it’s hot out, and people are dancing — a person loses a lot of fluid this way. But when you sweat out fluid, you’re not just losing water, you’re also losing electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium. Things become dangerous when a person only replaces water and not electrolytes, because this can lead to life-threatening electrolyte imbalances” – Dr. Lewis Nelson, a toxicologist and emergency medicine physician at New York University Langone Medical Center.

Employ a buddy system, meeting points

Familiarize yourself with the venue and determine meeting points beforehand, so if someone gets lost, you know where to find each other. Stick with your friends as much as you can, especially during the countdown. Nothing sucks more than being by yourself, inebriated, swimming through a sea of people. If you’re confident enough, approach some friendly looking people on the dance floor and ask them to look after you for a while. Familiarize yourself with the information station and medic tent.

Take heed of booze [especially from strangers]

We’re celebrating the New Year after all, but pace yourself. Don’t go all out before the countdown. There’s a whole weekend of dancing and drinking to get through. You might even be in a good mood and feel inclined to share drinks from strangers on the dance floor. Rather stay clear of any liquids you didn’t pour yourself. Anyone who forces you to drink something shouldn’t be your friend, anyways.

Add sleep & time out to the agenda

Take a look at the line up times and catch your favourite artists, but be sure to get some down-time. Your body needs roughly 8 hours of sleep a day. Sleep deprivation can have serious long-term side effects, especially when mixed with substances. Wear a watch on your wrist to keep track of time. If you feel like you’re in a bad place and need medical attention, find the medic tent and get checked out.

Don’t drink and drive

Wether you’re headed to the party or going back home, make sure you don’t drink and drive. Traffic cops will be alert over the NYE festivities. This year Rezonance NYE Festival takes place almost 2 hours away from Cape Town, so make sure you’re sober to drive.

Go exploring

An outstanding amount of electronic music is displayed on Prizm and Nova dance floors with over 150 acts. But there’s plenty to do besides the music, too. This years venue, Pat Busch Mountain Reserve, is a an entirely new experience from the previous Contermanskloof. Take a look at the stalls. Cool down and swim in the dam. See what the venue has to offer.

Report suspicious behaviour

Make friends with your tent neighbours. If you see any suspicious people (especially around the countdown) digging through tents, report them to nearby security officials. No one should ruin the experience for you.