Expo Records

Founded in 2013 by Grant Plemming, also known as Dynamic Range, Expo Records is a prominent record label based in South Africa, specializing in Psytrance and Progressive Psytrance.

With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of musical expression, the label boasts a carefully curated artist lineup that includes renowned names such as Hyriderz, Sonic Entity, Auravoid, Goa Jonas, Shivatree, Deliriant, and more.

Expo Records stands as a key player in the global music scene, providing a platform for emerging talent and delivering a diverse range of cutting-edge releases. Focused on the psychedelic journey, the label invites enthusiasts of Psytrance and Progressive Psytrance to be part of a community that celebrates the unique and the extraordinary.

As Expo Records continues to evolve and explore new sonic frontiers, it remains dedicated to shaping the future of electronic music. Join the journey and experience the transformative energy of Psytrance with Expo Records.

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