MMD Records

Mind Manipulation Device Records (MMD Records for short) is a label that since its first release of its V/A “Twilight Children” in January 2006, has quickly established itself as one of Cape Town’s up-and-coming psy-world powers, guaranteeing the most cutting edge sound in psy today.

Five releases down the line including 3 V/A’s and 2 Artist albums, MMD aims to release its new breed of psychedelic trance that they have become so well known for, so that it may be appreciated on dance floors across the globe.

Behind the certain are label owners Lyle Jensen (aka DJ Archive) and a DJ/Producer, Laurence Sonnenberg (aka Zion Linguist), who have been in the Psy-trance scene since 1999 and have since gained the experience to know what moves the dance floor. MMD Records have so far has brought forth many new and fresh Cape Town “spawned” live acts into the forefront of psy domination (names like Hiyarant, Rubix Qube, Smugg Juggler who have shared debut releases on MMD), and the newest recruit to MMD, the distorted sound machine, Damage.

MMD Records hopes to, in the future, through it’s releases and through it’s parties, to promote many more up and coming artists from the Cape Town and international scene…

Top Label Artists