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Hippie Bedroom Decor Ideas

In the mood to redecorate? Here are 14 must-have items to boho out your room!

Since the pandemic hit, everyone is looking to create a comfortable environment at home. Here are a few hippie room decor ideas to get you started in creating the ultimate chill space.

All of these decorative ideas can be purchased for very little money. We have chosen a bunch of boho budget-friendly ideas that will add a bit of zen to your bedroom – no matter the size.

Indoor swing or hammock

If you can provide sufficient anchoring for a swing or hammock, this might be the best way to add a little fun to your room and bring the outside in. If you’re unable to drill holes, it’s also possible to purchase an indoor swing or hammock with a stand. Just make sure the item you purchase is intended for adults – as some have a limit weight set for children.

Kilim pillows

Kilim fabric originates from Turkey and comes in a variety of funky designs and colors. Killim pillows can be purchased for relatively cheap and add that hippie bohemian touch to your bedroom. They mix well with all types of décor and look fantastic rested against a chair, couch or bed.

Macrame string art

Handwoven wall hangings, bohemian chairs and hanging planters are still popular in 2021. While macrame might have reached its peak and the fad is over, there are still many string items worth picking up to accessorize your room.

Use tapestry to decorate walls

Buying art or wallpaper to decorate your walls can be expensive. Using wall tapestries allows you to add vibrant decorations to your room without breaking the bank.

Rattan art pieces

Rattan is flexible wood that can be used for a variety of things including rattan chairs, clothing, as a food source, handicraft, arts and more. We love rattan plant containers, rattan baskets and any other decorative items that can be added to a hippie style bedroom.

Himalayan pink salt lamps

These lamps are carved out of pink Himalayan salt, and are believed to have various health benefits. Some claim having one of these decorative lights in your room will soothe a number of allergies and improve your sleep. They could just be hippie magic – but at least they look great and are functional too.

Comfy floor cushions

Floor cushions or pillows are both practical and budget friendly. Instead of buying a couch for extra seating space in your room, comfy floor cushions can be moved around the room to create a different atmosphere, depending on how many guests you have over.

Crystals, amethysts & geode stones

If you’re a true hippie lover, it’s likely that you’ll have a collection of crystals, amethysts and geode stones. If you don’t know what those terms mean, why not start out your own collection? Each unique stone has its own properties which is incredibly fascinating. Smaller stones can also be turned into jewellery or art pieces.


Fragrant candles like the Hippie Love Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle comes in a funky jar, works for all odors like pets and cigarettes, plus has over 70 hours of burn time. The bright fluorescent green color adds a nice little touch to your room.


Incense is an aromatic material that will provide a beautiful fragrance throughout your house. It will add that ultimate hippie feeling like you’re at a festival. Incense is also an effective and affordable insect repellent and deodorant, if you’re having an issue with bugs or smell.

Plants and succulents

Having a bunch of plants and succulents indoors is the best way to make your room feel more alive. Just make sure you select the right ones that can live indoors. Accessorize by finding creative planters to hold your creatures in.

String light or paper lanterns

String light or paper lanterns add a bit of ambiance to your room without spending a lot. Both options are affordable and use minimal electricity. This small touch will make your room the ultimate hippie retreat for you to chill in at the end of the day.

Kalimba thumb piano

Think you have a bit of rhythm? If you’ve never heard of Kalimba, it’s an African instrument with a history dating back over a hundred years. If you aren’t incredibly musical, that’s not a problem, as with a bit of time you’ll become better at playing the Kalimba. There’s even a bunch of YouTube tutorials available and the one from Gecko includes a free eBook.

Create a music / meditation corner

Depending on if you’re a music or meditation lover (or both!), create a dedicate space to listen to your favourite music while stretching out those sore limbs. A dedicate space, even if you don’t have the largest room, will allow you to disconnect and focus on the moment.
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