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Goodleaf CBD Oil

Arguably one of the fastest-growing CBD oil brands in South Africa, the Goodleaf range features CBD water, tinctures, water-soluble solutions and more.

Goodleaf has grown in the local CBD market since its inception. Their products are available in the fridges of retailers like Pick ‘n Pay, available at popular shopping malls like V&A waterfront, and more conveniently available online with fast shopping throughout the country.

The Goodleaf water-sollulable CBD sachets can also be added to any hot drink at vida e caffè across the country. More recently, they also added a functional mushroom formula that can be purchased too. This allows pretty much anyone to easily add CBD to their daily regime.

About Goodleaf

Goodleaf is a premium CBD oil brand that is backed by tons of research. Their extensive range includes products for the entire family – including your children and pets. The Goodleaf CBD oil range is extensive and ever expanding. Goodleaf CBD oil can be purchased directly from their website for the lowest prices and is delivered nationwide.

Best Goodleaf Product For Me?

Goodleaf CBD Drops 600mg – Best CBD Drops

Goodleaf offers 600mg CBD oil in a 30ml clear dropper bottle. Goodleaf drops are a combination of organic broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD & MCT oil.

Their hemp extract is organically grown cannabis. It is ecologically farmed, lab-processed, purified and produced under the strictest safety & quality standards.

If you purchase 3 units, you will save R490 – which is pretty decent. This should effectively last you more than two months if you take the recommended dosage, which is great value.

Goodleaf Awaken – Best CBD Vape

If you’re looking for a no-fuss introductory vape that is easy to use, the Goodleaf Awaken CBD vape is highly recommend. It comes charged out the box and filled with CBD oil. You just need to pull on the device two or three times to get your CBD dosage. The Goodleaf CBD Vape comes in two flavours. We personally love the Goodleaf Awaken CBD vape which is green apple flavoured. You might prefer the Goodleaf Calm CBD vape which is cinnamon flavoured. From our experience, these disposable CBD vapes last about 8 – 12 days, depending on your usage. They can be discarded straight in the bin. They are also running a special where you can get 2 or 5 of them at a discounted rate.

Goodleaf CBD water – Best CBD Water

If you’re looking to get your daily dosage via a method you might be used to, the Goodleaf CBD water is produced using pure spring water, all-natural African botanical flavours, zero sugar or calories. The key ingredient is nano-filtered water-soluble CBD. The broad spectrum organic hemp derived CBD has up to 4x better absorption than CBD oil. You can get a 12 pack of any of the flavours (Mango Ginger, Berry Hibiscus, Peach Geranium, Aloe Rose) directly via the website.

Goodleaf Water-Soluble CBD Powder Sachets

This is the newest CBD product Goodleaf have brought to market. Initially it was only sold at vida e caffe, however due to its popularity you can now buy a box of 20 directly from their website.

These water-soluble CBD sachets can be mixed in any hot or cold drink – including coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Each sachet contains 10mg of CBD isolate.


With Goodleaf being one of the first CBD brands in South Africa, they have definitely cemented themselves as a trustworthy brand on the market. They are continuously bringing interesting CBD products to market – and we’re excited to see what’s in store for 2021.

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