Goa Gil: The Psytrance Legend Needs Your Help

Goa Gil
In the vast, transcendental world of psychedelic trance music, few figures shine as brightly as Goa Gil. And now the psytrance artist needs our help.

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This luminary has been at the very heart of the psytrance movement, shaping its sounds, rhythms, and spiritual core for decades. Today, however, this icon faces a challenge that even his most entrancing beats can’t combat alone: a battle against cancer.

With a goal of raising $100,000 for his medical treatment, the community has come together in solidarity. As of now, $28,000 has been contributed, but we have a long way to go, and we need your help to reach the target.

A Glimmer of Hope Followed by a Setback

Two and a half months ago, Babaji completed a rigorous 6-month course of chemotherapy. A subsequent PET scan brought joyous news — all traces of the cancer had vanished from his body. However, a lurking abscess in the intestine remained a cause for concern.

Suddenly, a series of lumps appeared on his neck, indicating a swift return of the malignancy. A quick succession of medical assessments — an ultrasound, MRI, and CT scan — unveiled that the cancer, known as Mantle Cell Lymphoma, had aggressively spread, even reaching his stomach. This form of lymphoma is notably rare, affecting 1 in 200,000 individuals. It’s known for its aggressive nature and potential for swift recurrence.

Faced with the rapid growth of the lymph nodes and the immediate risk they posed to his breathing, doctors admitted him to the emergency room for close monitoring and to expedite a critical biopsy. The results would guide the next treatment plan, ensuring its alignment with the cancer’s current state.

Babaji, ever the beacon of resilience and optimism, sees this as “just another bump in the road.” He remains buoyant, ready to “roll with the punches” and proceed in a “positive spiritual direction.” This sentiment isn’t surprising for anyone familiar with Goa Gil’s journey, as his life has always been characterized by tenacity, spirituality, and a deep connection to the music and community he loves.

Who is Goa Gil?

Born in 1951 in San Francisco, Goa Gil’s journey into the realm of music started early. By the age of 18, he had already ventured to India, a country that would deeply influence his musical and spiritual direction. In the vibrant beaches of Goa, he found a haven of like-minded travelers, artists, and musicians, and this melting pot birthed what we now know as ‘Goa trance’ or ‘psytrance’.

Over the years, Goa Gil became synonymous with this genre. Not just as a DJ or producer, but as a true shaman who believed in the power of music to catalyze inner transformation. His all-night forest parties became legendary, with attendees often describing them as profound spiritual experiences, more akin to ancient tribal gatherings than modern raves.

Goa Gil is not just a musician; he’s a pioneer. His influence on the psytrance scene has been monumental. By supporting him now, we are giving back to someone who has given the world so much.

The psytrance community is renowned for its tight-knit bonds and sense of unity. By coming together for one of our own, we reaffirm these values and strengthen our collective spirit.

Medical treatments, especially for conditions like cancer, can be prohibitively expensive. Every dollar raised goes directly to ensuring that Goa Gil gets the best care possible, alleviating the burden of medical bills.

GoFundMe page

For more information on the fundraising efforts, please visit the Goa Gil GoFundMe page.

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