Dimension Festival 2024

Dimension Festival 2024

Join this celebration of the psychedelic experience, a journey through the realms of consciousness that takes us beyond the boundaries of ordinary reality. Dimension is a festival playground built for you to dance, create and connect in a stunning riverside location.
Spanning 4 incredible stages, with music that plays for 72 hours – expect a bounty of beats that will keep you stomping through the weekend. Featuring over 120 artists from the genres of psytrance, progressive, DnB, dubstep, house, techno, chill and everything in between.
Venture through a mind-bending universe filled with mesmerising soundscapes, art installations, custom décor, performances, workshops and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.
All set in a beautiful valley alongside the pristine Mangakahia River in Northland, where the sun welcomes us and the cosmos illuminate our nights.
Forget the ordinary at Dimension 2024 and enter a new world of possibility.


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