Alcazar Cape Town NYE 2023

Alcazar is THE Cape Town New Year’s Eve celebration. An upmarket extravaganza of eclectic music, mind blowing stage architecture and flamboyant performance art, brought to you by a collaboration of the city’s top 3 purveyors of experiential events, Bazique Festival, Wolfkop Weekender and Sexy Groovy Love.

Three incredible, art immersive stages will whisk you away into a kaleidoscope of good times running until 4am… right in the heart of the city of Cape Town!

Each year the 3 story high mainstage structure at Alcazar is inspired by an iconic building from around the globe. This year we delve into the ancient civilisation of the Aztecs and the Mayan palace complex of Palenque, deep in the jungles of modern-day Mexico.

At Alcazar, fancy dress is not essential… but we warmly encourage you to explore the incredible artistry of the Aztecs, or the natural beauty of the Jungle and its many creatures!


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