Deliriant is South African producer Shane Renew. With a love and passion for music since his early days, over a decade of DJ and production experience, 3 full length albums, a multitude of EPs, and a career as a studio engineer – he is a well established artist in an ever-changing industry.

Shane will be performing as Deliriant and Deadbeat FM at the upcoming Psymedia x MyCityByNight Sunday Funday on the 3rd of December alongside Broken Toy, DJ Mark, Geometric Flux, Hippie Mafia and Portal.

Howzit Shane! Let’s start off with some easy ones. When did you start DJing and come across psytrance?

Hi guys, thanks for having me. I bought my first mixer and started messing around when I was 14 years old. I discovered psy trance when I was 17, the group was Infected Mushroom and I couldn’t get enough. Two years later I went to my first Alien Safari, the rest is history.

When did you decide to start producing?

As a kid I was always interested in making music, but other than my mom’s piano and my yellow toy flute, I didn’t really have the tools or knowledge to do so. Growing up and discovering electronic music, I knew this was something I wanted to pursue.

Once I finished school, I studied sound engineering, and this helped with understanding music production. At first I started with some basic loops in Reason, but I soon moved over to Cubase, which is the program I still use today.

What’s your most important tool in the studio?

It’s hard to say as every piece of equipment plays its part, but most likely the Virus TI, an analog synthesizer I’ve had for more than 10 years now. The best thing about it is there are so many updates and new sound banks that come out all the time, so it’s continually able to deliver fresh, powerful sounds which can be difficult to get from a software synth.

You play fairly often up in Johannesburg. What’s the scene like in Jozi these days, in comparison to Cape Town?

Joburg has a great scene, which has grown into something really awesome over the years. I believe this is all thanks to a few promoters who’ve put their heart and soul into making it what it is today. The crowds may be a bit smaller in comparison to Cape Town, but they know how to party and I’m always really happy to get a booking there.

Is the scene in Cape Town becoming saturated?

The scene has of course grown huge amounts in Cape Town over the last few years, nowadays there are often a number of events all piled on top of each other over a single weekend, caused by some promoters getting greedy and throwing events for all the wrong reasons.

Throw in so many new styles of ‘psy’ coming into the scene, and a divide is created between the newcomers and the old school. This however, is a minority, and for the most part I feel our scene is thriving; we have incredible locations, amazing people, loads of talented artists and a country that respects festival goers and their love for outdoor parties.

You also perform under the alias Deadbeat FM, which you’ve booked for at Psymedia x MyCityByNight Sunday Funday.

Deadbeat FM is a techno project, which I started with a friend of mine around 2009, back when I lived in Joburg. We loved finding underground tunes that no one had heard before, verging on the psy-tech side of techno. We also produced a few tracks and even managed to win a D-Nox & Beckers remix competition. I moved back to Cape Town a few years later and it became difficult to pursue the project as a duo.

It took a back seat for a while, but I’m slowly building it up again. I’ve just finished 2 new tracks and have a couple of great gigs lined up, Psymedia & MyCityByNight Sunday Funday at Synergy being one of the highlights of course! It’s great to have another creative outlet besides for psy-trance.

You’ve re-released a few tracks namely Truth Be Told v2, Chronic v2 and Ode to Orff v2. Why do you revisit tracks and when does it feel appropriate to do so?

Remixes or ‘version 2.0s’ are one of my favourite things to do and also where I feel I get the best results on a dancefloor. Having something to work off often brings me more inspiration / creativity rather than starting from scratch. Plus it can be great to hear something you recognize, and it gives the old school fans something to appreciate during a live set.

You’ve also given lessons to a few upcoming artists. What’s it like being on the teacher side of things?

I had a few people message and ask if I give lessons so I thought I’d give it a go. Through teaching I ended up learning a lot of new production tips myself, plus I released some really great tracks, which essentially came from loops that were started during the lessons.

I’ve worked with Portal, Double Story / Hippie Mafia, Aptitude, and Obelix to name a few. All super talented guys, some of whose tracks still feature in my sets today.

Do you think it’s important for older producers to nurture a new generation of producers?

If they’re passionate enough, these new producers will find their way into the scene, with or without the veterans, and whether they like it or not. I feel its best to embrace them, help them, collaborate with them; this way the older guys stay fresh and the younger guys grow, everyone wins. You can’t take it too seriously, it’s just a party and everyone, if inclined, deserves a chance to play on a big stage!

This year you’ve managed to head overseas a couple of times.

I’m grateful to have had an amazing year for international bookings, and I hope to keep this going in 2018! Mexico, Australia, Serbia, Greece, Finland, Portugal and even Mozambique were definitely some of the highlights.

Serbia is one of my favourite places to play because the crowd is so full of energy; I’m excited to be going back there next year.

At Tree of Life Festival in Greece we had a big crew of South African and European friends, which always makes the party that much better.

I have to say one of my most memorable experiences was Kosmos Festival in Finland, not even as an artist but rather being on the dancefloor. It opened my eyes and ears to proper psychedelic music, and definitely influenced my style of production too.

Have some artists have forgotten the ‘psychedelic’ touch?

As I mentioned earlier, there have been so many new styles of psy that have found their way into the scene over the last few years, and I do feel that some of those original psychedelic elements have been forgotten.

Just because it makes use of a psytrance style kick and bassline, for me doesn’t mean that it’s psychedelic trance. The term is of course extremely subjective, but I consider music to be psychedelic if it has the ability to take you somewhere else, even in a completely sober state of mind.

There’s a lot of music out there that doesn’t achieve this in any way whatsoever, but having said this, I feel there has been an education recently and a lot more people are appreciating ‘proper psychedelic music’, and understanding what it’s all about.


Your Prodigy remix was also played at Ozora Festival by DJ Ebru. Did you know she was going to play the track? Were you surprised at all? I think you deserve that Ozora invitation now!

Ebru messaged me on Soundcloud asking if I could send her the wave file, as she’d like to open her Ozora set with it, so of course I was very happy to oblige. My only condition was that she get it on video which thankfully she did. Of course Ozora is the dream for any artist and I hope to even just attend this festival one day in the future!

Any upcoming releases or collaborations?

I have a new EP coming out soon on Mechanik Records, as well as a single with Obelix on Expo Records. You can hear all of the tracks in the new live mix below. More details will be on my facebook page in the next few days. I’m also currently working on a remix of one of my favourite tracks from Shift, called Moonchild.

You have included a new 1 hour mix with this interview, what can you tell us about it?

The mix includes loads of unreleased tracks from myself, and 1 or 2 tracks from artists I love playing in my sets. It’s a culmination of everything I’ve been up to this year, and represents the style and sound that you can expect from a Deliriant live set.

Thanks so much Shane! Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks to you guys for the chat, and a big thank you to the listeners and promoters for the continued support! Please follow my Soundcloud and Facebook for music and updates! Much love!