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Where to buy CBD oil in Cape Town

CBD is a growing industry that is appealing to more people. If you’re looking to find CBD oil in Cape Town, this guide will help you find the best products at the most affordable price.

CBD can be used to treat a number of ailments including pain, anxiety, inflammation and seizures. As more research is done on this fascinating cannabinoid, more uses are being gound all the time.

In general, the best option to purchase CBD oil in Cape Town might be the online route. From experience, online CBD oil shops have the best prices and fast shipping times.

How to buy CBD oil in Cape Town

Since this is still a new market, there are tons of unreliable products available. It’s important to find a reputable CBD oil supplier with independent reports performed.

These tests check for unwanted contaminants and to check CBD levels. Some companies might include alternative substances, less CBD than advertised or THC levels over the legal limit.

It’s also a great idea to look for a company that uses industrial-hemp products that are certified as organic, natural and pesticide-free. CBD oil is intended to improve your health, and unwanted chemicals can stop that.

With this insight at the back of your mind, let’s roundup the best shops for CBD oil in Cape Town.


Goodleaf is one of the most reliable CBD oil brands on the market. All their products are conveniently available online and can also be purchased on a monthly subscription for a discount.

If you need a bit of extra advice on what product is right for you, or need your CBD fix in a hurry, Goodleaf also has two physical stores located in Buitenkant Street and the V&A Waterfront.


Elixinol is another reputable brand with a wide variety of products available directly through their website. However, they also have a useful store locator to find physical stores. You can find there products at many places.

Wellness Warehouse

Wellness Warehouse is a large health and wellness retailer located all over South Africa. Since they are all about organic and feel good products, it’s no surprise to see them stock CBD oil. They stock several brands including Rethink, Releaf, Elixinol, Vondi’s and more.

Wellness Warehouse has a shop at most major shopping centres including Cavendish Square, Palmyra Junction, Lifestyle on Kloof, Cape Quarter, Canal Walk, V&A Waterfront and more.

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