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Best Studio Monitors For Home Studios

If you're making music as a producer or mixing music as a DJ, one of the most important pieces of gear you will want to invest in is your studio monitors.

When you’re mixing music, you’ll want a clear sound that makes the job a whole bunch easier. Typically, each setup is completely different, making it hard to recommend a best set of monitors for every solution.

However, below you will find a few appropriate options that you might want to try out for yourself.

M-Audio BX8 D3 | 8″ Studio Monitor

The M-Audio BX range is mainly used for music production, however they are a good choice for home DJ setups too – specifically the BX5 DX3 and BX8 D3. The BX8-D3 has bigger sound featuring an 8″ speaker- they pack a punch and the clarity is great.

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JBL 308P MkII | 8″ Studio Monitor

The JBL 308P MKII is an 8″ studio monitor that provides great value. In this price range, they might be the best 8-inch monitor you can find. It’s got tight, contained sound reproduction, smooth integration between lows and highs and more. We found the image consistency to be decent in our small home studio too.

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Pioneer S-DJ80X | 8″ Studio Monitor

The S-DJ Series of active reference speakers is designed to give professional DJs and producers accurate neutral sound and excellent flexibility. Whether you are DJing, producing music or auditioning tracks, the S-DJs faithfully reproduce the original source – while a built-in linear EQ lets you fine-tune the frequencies as needed.

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KRK Rokit RP7 G4 | 7″ Studio Monitor

In all their black and yellow glory, we love KRK studio monitors – although some may call them over-hyped. KRK have been building speakers for many years, and their RP7 G4 7″ studio monitors make a great all-round choice.

They have punchy warm bass, with thick lows and mids. These are also a popular choices for home DJ setups.

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Focal Shape 65 | 6.5″ Studio Monitor

Focal Shape nearfield monitor speakers deviate from their usual look, however the Shape 65 sit in the middle-of-the-range department and offer great balanced sound. There’s also an impressive amount of bass, and for under $1000 are an attractive offering.

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Pioneer S-DJ60X | 6″ Studio Monitor

Pioneer have been in the game for decades and these S-DJ60X are intended for professional DJs and producers. They claim to have an accurate neutral sound, which you need for mixing music. If you’re a music producer or DJ, the S-DJs will allow you to hear the original source as intended, and with the built-in linear EQ you can fine-tune frequencies.

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JBL Professional 306P MkII | 6″ Studio Monitor

For under $200, the JBL Professional 306P MkII is a compact studio monitor made by the legendary JBL brand. They offer stunning detail and dynamic range. It’s a great middle-ground between a 5″ studio monitor and an 8″ studio monitor.

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M-Audio BX5 DX3 | 5″ Studio Monitor

These affordable 5″ speakers still capable of filling a room, and a popular choice even though they are a few years old. They feature a compact, robust design that would fit into any home studio. Overall, these are a solid pair for under $300.

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Yamaha HS5 | 5″ Studio Monitor

If you’ve got a small music studio, the Yamaha HS5 are an excellent choice without compromising on big sound. These studio monitors are a great choice, especially for DJs who have to work in a smaller space. They look great, especially with the white woofer. Some recommend them if you want a “truer” sound in comparison to the Rokits.

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