With progressive music slowing down and producers ditching it for more psychedelic styles, the genre is going through a relatively meteoric rise; a renaissance if you will. However, make no mistake that the artists featured here in the best of 2018 list are some of the best psytrance artists around.

Highlights of the year include some very well-received full-length albums from Earthling, Strontium Dogs and Evil Oil Man, plus up-and-coming producers who contributed releases that were just as relevant.

In the list below you will also find a few compilations and singles, releases that felt like being worthy alongside the best psytrance albums of 2018.

Best Albums of 2018

Earthling – Radio Gaia

Label: Zero One Music

UK artist Earthling delivers his 5th album “Radio Gaia”, released by Zero1 Music and follows on from the success of his last album Interstellar Moonshine. This time he teams up with some of his favourite partners in crime to bring you a crispy fresh arsenal of summertime Psychedelic Trance-floor bangers.

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Strontium Dogs – Re-Activated

Label: Iboga Denmark

The new project formed by Eat Static and Martian Arts explores deep, groovy primal beats infused with acid textures. Blending the old worlds with the new, their debut album ‘Reactivated’ awakens the beast within, leading the way into a realm of otherworldly sound.

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Evil Oil Man – A Hundred Miles Of Wire

Label: Zenon Records

The undisputed master of dirty squelch Evil Oil Man is back with a brand new release on Zenon Records – and this time it’s no less than a double album! Fourteen super fresh tracks ranging in style from the deepest of wub-wub wobble to the most cranking of prog-psy.

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E-Mantra – Stapanii Timpului

Label: Suntrip Records

Stapanii Timpului is one of the best Goa albums in 2018. Some of the artist’s best work is on his main albums and this is no exception, as it showcases some fantastic work, no fillers. The artist continues to upgrade, refine, and improve in various ways since Nemesis (2014), resulting in another high quality release in the genre of Goa Trance.

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Best Singles and EPs of 2018

Tristan – Summer Solstice

Label: Nano Records

The massive opening tune to Tristan’s four hour set at Boom 2018 pays homage to one of the most celebrated days of the year and is further celebrated in the artwork accompanying this release featuring Stone Henge, the ancient druidic site minutes away from Tristan’s current home and studio, that is visited by thousands every Summer Solstice

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Astrix / Vertical Mode – Seven Gates

Label: Hommega Israel

‘Seven Gates’ is the first ever collaboration between two of HOMmega’s leading artists – Astrix & Vertical Mode. Keeping each project signature sounds, the three creative minds fused together into one deep intelligent and psychedelic journey.

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Ace Ventura, Ryanosaurus – Still Searching

Label: Iboga Records

The new single from Ace Ventura and Ryanosaurus – Still Searching – takes the notion of smoothly rolling basslines and jazzy melodies, and mixes it all up to create a tune that is at once both seriously danceable and yet twirky enough to keep the atmosphere on the light side.

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Mindwave, Static Movement – Sources

Label: Iono Music

Sources is a high quality track from Mindwave and Static Movement with analog feeling, tribal grooves and great atmospheres

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Egorythmia, Dual Resonance – Titania

Label: Iono Music

Egorythmia teams up with Dual Resonance for our next release on Iono-Music. With a fresh triply groove to start then building to a ferocious full on pounding – this track will get your freak on! Monstrous harsh stabs fuse with futuristic risers; interspersed with mystical sounds causing the melting pot to overflow, and casting a magical spell over the listener. ‘Titania’ is a beast of a track!

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Ectima – First Dose of DMT

Label: TesseracTstudio

Ectima is back with new psy-progressive tech-trance single called ‘First dose of DMT’. It’s been almost 3 years since the last album has been released and ever since then dynamic duo is working on very special, unique, underground sound! ‘First dose of DMT’ is Ectima’s unique blend of progressive groove, psychedelic atmospheres and powerful bass-line with technotic rhythm and industrial sounds.

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Best Compilations of 2018

Various Artists – Nooice compiled By Dala

Label: Nano Records
Featured Artists: Tristan, Master Blaster, Braincell, Waio and more.

Packed full of explosive dancefloor mayhem, quirky psychedelia and bucket loads of funky playfulness, this is undeniably a colossal collection!! Each track earnestly selected for its extraordinary energy that has been tried, tested and perpetually proven sure-fire vibe elevators.

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Various Artists – Psychedelic Awakening compiled by Ace Ventura

Label: Future Music
Featured Artists: Astrix, Altruism, Alpha Portal, Symbolic and more.

A fresh tracklist of 11 blasting, full power psytrance tunes selected from the legend Ace Ventura. Ranging between 142 to 146 bpm, the album offers unwavering basslines and a visceral psychedelic experience across a defined trajectory of sound dimensions.

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Various Artists – Serbian Style compiled By Kim0

Label: Tesseractstudio
Featured Artists: Talpa, E-Clip, Ectima, Flegma and more.

A fantastic double CD compilation composed of 20 progressive and psychedelic trance tracks from 22 multi-talented artists from Serbia, carefully selected and packed into a unique story by our label CEO and DJ KiM0.

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