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Best Computer Monitors for Music Production

Computer screen in a music studio
Find the best computer monitor for music production that fits in your music studio. Widescreen or dual screen - we've got you covered.

When it comes to DAW music production, a computer monitor is an important piece of hardware as it’s something you’ll be staring at for long durations during a production session.

A computer monitor sits in between your studio monitors / speakers, which need to be spaced out correctly – something to think about if you’re shopping for a large screen to add to your studio.

What’s even more important, having the right computer monitor setup will create the right workflow and you’ll be able to work through your DAW as quickly as possible.

Before purchasing any of the screens below, take note of the inputs available on your computer or laptop. It will probably use HDMI, USB-C, DisplayPort (DP), DVI or the (old) VGA.

It’s important that you find a high-resolution screen, a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 is recommended, however you can only benefit from more screen real estate in DAW software.

A large ultrawide computer monitor (more than 40″) for music production, like the Lenovo Legion 43″, Samsung CRG9 or Dell U4919DW might take some to get used to, however the massive resolution and screen real estate will look gorgeous in your music studio.

If you choose a large ultrawide computer monitor with a high resolution, you will be able to fit tons of plugins and visualizations during a session. Ultra-wide screens are preferable.

However, some music producers still prefer a dual screen setup for music production. Just pick our a screen with a thin bezel (so there’s no annoying line in between) and purchase two of them! Generally 24″ to 32″ is best for a dual screen setup.

Best Monitor For Music Production

Dell U2720Q Best Computer Monitors for Music Production

The best monitor for music production is arguably the Dell UltraSharp U2720Q. At 27-inches and 4k resolution, it provides sharp text and plenty of space when working in your DAW during music production sessions.

The stand has swivel adjustments and also has height and tilt, which is great for securing the right ergonomics. Furthermore, the screen can be rotated in portrait mode – which some producers might find useful in particular setups.

The IPS panel has great viewing angles, which means everyone huddled around in the studio will be able to see music sessions clearly. The full sRGB coverage makes it great for content creators too. The refresh rate is only 60Hz, but for music producers and light content creators that should be sufficient

In terms of ports and connectivity, you get three USB 3.0 and two USB-C inputs. Overall this is a great monitor for music production that should be a perfect fit for most.

Best Budget Monitor For Music Production

Samsung 27″ SF354 Best Computer Monitors for Music Production

If you’re a budget music producer, you can’t go wrong with the Samsung SF354 which can be found for under $180. It’s still 27-inches and has a 1080p resolution, which should be sufficient for studio sessions.

There’s no special features with this monitor. It uses PLS panel technology, which has decent viewing angles. It features a slim design and thin bezels, which will look great in any home studio.

Best Ultrawide For Music Production

Dell U3818DW Best Computer Monitors for Music Production

If you’re looking to buy the best ultrawide monitor for music production, look no further than the Dell U3818DW. Against other competitors, this might be one of the more affordable 38-inch monitors you can buy. With an irregular 3840×1600 resolution, music production sessions are still easily legible.

In terms of ports, it’s got a USB-C input that you can also charge your laptop with. It has a limited 60HZ refresh rate, which means it won’t be great for content creation. Still, this is one of the better studio monitors I have tried out.

Best Large Monitor For Music Production

LG OLED48CXPUB Best Computer Monitors for Music Production

If you want to go really big (48-inch screen), then the LG OLED48CXPUB is the perfect choice. Although it’s sold as a TV, it can easily be used in a music studio with enough space.

This unit features an OLED panel, which looks beautiful and has great viewing angles. It’s also got 4k @ 120Hz support with an HDMI cable. There’s also smart features built-in, which means you get Netflx, Amazon Prime Video and more.

Best Large Ultrawide Monitor For Music Production

CRG9 Best Computer Monitors for Music Production

It’s hard not to fall inlove with the Samsung CRG9 when looking at it. It’s a massive monitor, coming in at a whopping 49-inches, the same as two 27-inch QHD displays side-by-side.

It also supports a 5120 x 1440 resolution and is bright with 1000 lumens. You’ll need a decent graphics card to truly take advantage of this screen. It supports HDR, 120Hz and Freesync 2. We also liked the Dell U4919DW, which has the same resolution and size, but is a bit cheaper.

Best Pro Monitor For Music Production

Apple 32 inch Pro Display XDR with Retina Best Computer Monitors for Music Production

Just shy of $6000,  Apple produces arguably some of the best monitors for content creators. If you’re a professional music producer with a large budget or a content creator, the Apple Pro Display XDR might blow you away.

It features superb color accuracy and build quality that compares with some of the best reference-grade monitors. The Pro Stand is an additional add-on, in true Apple style.


Frequently Asked Questions

Timeline applications like audio and video editing can greatly benefit from the additional horizontal screen real estate. Curved and ultrawide monitors are great for music production, and most modern DAWs are capable of resizing everything accordingly.

For some music producers, having a dual screen setup is more beneficial as it allows you to separate certain parts. In general, one screen is used for arrangements and the other for the mixer. It’s entirely personal preference and up to you.

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