Earlier this year, the legal status of cannabidiol (CBD) in South Africa was changed, allowing us to consume some of the best CBD products on our shelves and delivered to our door legally. But with so many CBD products available, what are some of the best?

Here are a few of our favourite CBD products available; including oils, vapes, edibles, topicals and more.

Africanpure Active CBD 800mg

This product has been tested by the World Anti-Doping Agency and is appropriate for anyone with an active lifestyle. It’s tasteless, which means it can easily be added to a drink, shake or meal easily.

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Koi CBD Soft Gummies – Tropical Fruit

Koi CBD Soft Gummies are absolutely delicious and rolled thrice in full-spectrum CBD blend. Every piece has a consistence and effective dose of CBD. The flavours included are acai pomegranate, lime and tangerine. There’s a sour version too, if that’s your thing!

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Urbal Activ Peppermint CBD Mints

Urban Activ’s CBD mint’s come in a pack of 12 delicious peppermint flavoured mints. Besides keeping your breath fresh, there’s 60mg (5mg per mint) of 99.5% pure CBD in these.

Thrive CBD Chocolate

If you’re all about eating chocolate and benefiting from CBD – these Thrive Artisan Cannabis chocolates have 10mg (2.5mg per block) of CBD and are made with a blend of dark cacao, coconut sugar, CBD oil and whole flower hemp extract. Just 1 block a day is recommended, so don’t over indulge!

Healthy Coffee Guy CBD Infused Single Origin Coffee

While it’s highly debatable if you’re receiving all the good stuff with CBD infused coffee, Healthy Coffee Guy’s CBD infused single origin coffee is absolutely delicious, with hints of your favourite herb. Best prepared with a percolator, you can get a couple of cups out of this and 200mg CBD per bag.

Elixonol CBD Citrus Spray

This 30ml spray dispenser from Elixonol contains 300mg of CBD extract with a citrus flavour. It’s stronger than a tincture and there’s roughly 60 servings in a bottle.

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Superfoods Raw Hemp CBD Chocolate

Another chocolate on the list, Soaring Free Superfoods have become popular with their range of superfood products. Their new Raw Hemp CBD chocolate includes ethically sourced organic raw cacao mixed with high quality CBD oil extract.

CBD and Cannabis FAQ

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound that exists in the cannabis plant. Its therapeutic benefits are widespread and can be used to ease symptoms of conditions such as anxiety, acne, pain, sleep deprivation or even increasing your sex drive.

Is CBD legal in South Africa?

Yes – CBD oil products containing 20mg or less are legal to sell. For the next year, products containing CBD will not fall under the scheduling system that controls drugs in South Africa. This exemption was gazetted by health minister Dr Pakishe Aaron Motsoaledi.

Can CBD get you high?

Most CBD products contain little-to-no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the psychoactive chemical compound that gets you “high”. As a result, CBD products are safe to use at any time of the day – even before work.

What do people use CBD products for?

CBD products can be used to alleviate a number of symptoms from physical and mental ailments including insomnia, inflammation, anxiety, depression and more.

Can CBD be used to treat pets?

There has been studies that suggest CBD is beneficial for treating certain conditions in animals.

Can I purchase CBD products at Dischem or Clicks?

In a recent announcement, both Dischem and Clicks said they would make CBD products available at their stores – including Elixinol CBD oil products.

Is it legal to grow marijuana in South Africa?

The Constitutional Court has ruled that it is not a criminal offense to grow marijuana in South Africa for personal consumption. As of now, it is legal to grow your own marijuana plants at home.