John 00 Fleming

John Fleming, commonly known in the music world as John ’00’ Fleming or J00F, is an English trance DJ and producer born in 1969. He has firmly established himself as an electronic music pioneer with a significant footprint in the trance and progressive genres.

John began his musical journey deeply influenced by artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream. Over time, he transitioned from goa to psychedelic trance, marking an evolution in his sound that showcased a clear understanding and appreciation of electronic music’s vast spectrum.

He has been affiliated with influential labels such as Ministry of Sound and Deconstruction. But perhaps his most notable contribution to the music industry has been his own label, JOOF Recordings, which he founded in 1998. The label not only serves as a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit but also as a platform for showcasing a myriad of sounds. Recognizing the diversity of the trance genre, he rebranded JOOF V.2 to ‘JOOF Mantra’ dedicated to psy-trance, and further added ‘JOOF Aura’ specifically for trance-oriented Progressive House.

In terms of his own musical releases, John has demonstrated immense versatility. Albums such as “Heaven & Hell,” “Angels & Demons,” “Nine Lives,” “One.Hundred.Ten WKO,” and “Alter Ego” have resonated with fans globally. His discography also includes an impressive list of singles, remixes, and EPs. Notably, his remixing prowess has spanned a broad array of artists, including Sophie’s Boys, Black & White, and Jimmy Ray.

Beyond his productions, John is a seasoned performer, having graced the decks at internationally renowned venues like Gatecrasher and Ministry of Sound. His ability to connect with audiences is not just through pulsating beats but a profound musical journey. His DJ sets, especially the legendary extended ones at clubs like Avalon and Cielo, are a reflection of his artistry, focusing on trajectory, ebb, flow, and style.

His influence is not limited to the confines of clubs and festivals. He has also contributed to various notable music compilation albums for media giants such as BBC, NBC, and Warner Bros. Moreover, his music has found its way into TV and film scores, further amplifying his reach.

John’s journey has not been without challenges. He valiantly beat lung cancer and later recovered from a boating accident. These experiences only fortified his resolve, making him an emblem of resilience in the music industry.

His humility, despite his monumental success, is also worth noting. Endorsed by Pioneer and respected by industry peers, he has been lauded by heavyweights such as Pete Tong. Furthermore, through platforms like the Global Trance Grooves show and initiatives under JOOF Editions, he has been instrumental in promoting emerging talent in the trance and progressive scene.

Looking at John ’00’ Fleming’s career, one can discern a musician’s commitment to his craft, an entrepreneur’s vision, and a pioneer’s unyielding spirit. He is, without a doubt, a trance treasure and a stalwart of electronic music.

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