James West

James West, a promising talent in the UK trance community, experienced a transformative moment with electronic music during a vacation to Ibiza. This epiphany led him to transition from DJing to producing music. His progression in the music world was stamped with a 2014 release under Grasshopper Records. As time passed, West secured a prominent spot with Nano Records, one of the foremost psytrance labels. He garnered acclaim for his cutting-edge tunes and intricate psychedelic compositions.

In 2015, he made his debut on Nano Records’ compilation ORIGIN 5 with his track “Lost Horizons.” Identified by Regan as Nano’s hidden gem, West released the ‘Our Time’ EP in 2016 and was working on an album. His sound is unique, blending elements of psychedelia and melody, drawing inspiration from artists like Avalon, Sonic Species, Brainiac, and Waio. While he is deeply rooted in psytrance, West also appreciates genres like liquid drum and bass, techno, and commercial trance. Setting him apart, his music offers a fresh perspective compared to the typical UK psytrance sound.

Starting as a DJ at the young age of 18, he shifted to music production after four years, driven by a desire to add his personal touch to the trance scene. A notable highlight for West was the opportunity to play at South Africa’s renowned Origin Festival in Cape Town and Boom Festival in Portugal.

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