Oliver Koletzki

Oliver Koletzki, born on October 5, 1974, in Braunschweig, Germany, stands as a prominent figure in the electronic music scene. His journey into the realm of music production and DJing has been nothing short of extraordinary. In 2006, Koletzki burst onto the scene with his inaugural DJ mix CD, “The Process,” setting the stage for a career marked by innovation and creativity. Following this, his debut album, “Get Wasted,” emerged in 2007, showcasing his distinctive blend of electronic beats and melodic undertones.

The Berlin-inspired sophomore album, “Großstadtmärchen,” in 2009, further solidified Koletzki’s position in the music landscape. However, it was the collaboration with Fran on “Lovestoned” in 2010 that elevated him to international acclaim, becoming one of his most successful works. Koletzki’s discography is a testament to his versatility, with releases spanning various genres and soundscapes, evident in albums like “Großstadtmärchen 2” and “The Arc of Tension.”

Beyond the studio, Oliver Koletzki’s impact extends to electrifying performances on the global stage. His presence at major festivals has left an indelible mark, captivating audiences with his dynamic sets and infectious energy. Koletzki’s immersive sound has resonated at renowned events, making him a sought-after artist in the electronic music circuit.

As a visionary in the industry, Koletzki continues to push boundaries, with his recent work, “Made of Wood,” released in 2021 under Stil Vor Talent Records, demonstrating his commitment to evolving his sonic palette. With an extensive discography available on platforms like Deezer and Qobuz, Oliver Koletzki remains a driving force in electronic music, captivating listeners worldwide with his unparalleled creativity and passion for the craft.

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