Phonix Records

In 2010, Paulo Etnarama was inspired to support fresh up and coming acts specializing in twilight psytrance, and thus Phonix Records was born in London. Later that year he found his partner in crime – Ishikawa, a fellow traveler in the cosmos who shared the same vision. Together they worked tirelessly with the aim of providing sonic scientists and wizards the means to be heard by audiences galaxy wide.

Fast-forward 3 years, Etnarama is on a sabbatical to take care of his family and Ishikawa manages the label with the help of fellow psychonaut Gayle Adams – who brings with her a keen ear, the infamous South African passion for hard core twilight psytrance and a no non-sense attitude to getting things done! And so, Phonix Records has now branched from its home in the UK with representation across USA, Portugal, and South Africa. Over the past 3 years they have unleashed onto this world – 7 fresh releases featuring all the flavors of the twilight spectrum. Today they proudly support an ever-growing roster of artists and beat hackers from across the globe including Serbia, South Africa, Mexico, Portugal and Canada.

Focusing completely on the music for the twilight hours, Phonix Records has constantly been pushing themselves to help cultivate a new breed of Artists and DJs, and release nothing but the very best in super powered, hyper charged, 100% unadulterated twilight psytrance!

Through both physical and digital releases, they strives to leave their mark on the psytrance scene as a serious label known to support the music they love. Now that the crew at Phonix Laboratories has been re-introduced, its time fellow aliens to take them to your speakers!

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