Wolfkop Weekender – Islands on the River

Wolfkop Weekender Festival

Wolfkop Weekender is an intimate gathering and music event; a best-kept secret, hidden deep within the Citrusdal Valley, past the orange groves and down by the river. In January 2014, this jewel of a venue, and its penchant for a well-seasoned celebration and rolling bassline, was revealed to a group of unassuming revelers, who’d come to the valley under the guise of experiencing, ‘a different kind of weekend away’. We’ve been making good reasons to back there ever since…

Islands on the River returns for Halloween once again and will be taking place at Camping Villages from 27 – 29 October 2023. Originally created to host events whilst under strict limitations, this series has developed a life of it’s own over the last three years and is now becoming a personality in itself in the late spring. Its warm enough to swim but still chilly enough to dance all weekend, and keeping in line with our ten year anniversary build up, we have secured an almighty headliner to buffer the line-up on this one too, but more on that later


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