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Transahara Festival


We are incredibly excited to return to the Dunes of Merzouga deep in the Sahara Desert.

For the ones who already experienced the desert magic, you know how many adventures and surreal sequences we experienced there. For those yet to come, we welcome you to write those new chapters with us.

The time has come for us to unite again in another initiation into the mythical dunes of Merzouga. A place and time for us to get closer, enjoy life and celebrate the majestic nature surrounding us.

We want you to be inspired and help inspire others while sharing divine moments of art, music, culture, love and the much-needed peace.

The immaculate landscape is the perfect setting, a blank canvas for us to write this love story and create a gap in spacetime to celebrate life at its fullest. There is no place like the desert to experience this Awakening.

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