Fenix Festival

FENIX festival is and in the future stays alternative and psychedelic. Focused on psychedelia as a (multi)genre. Open air festival in picturesque landscape surrounded by nature of Bohemian forests. Artists come from many corners of the planet and universe. This gathering is not only about music. It is equally about original psychedelic art in general and expressing oneself truly in harmony together with many. Ranges from: psychedelic artworks, installations, 4 music stages – main psychedelic/psytrance, ambient/chillout, groove/psytech/techno and organic/tribal, to: yoga, workshops, kids area, healing, live drumming, dancing, camping in the nature and highlight of the festival – ceremonial of burning the huge Fenix crafted from the wood. As one tribe we stand around the fire with the sounds of dozens didgeridoos and experience cleansing by the life-giving fire. Festival without fences, without sponsor banners and with creative spirit of many. It is not about form but about the content and it is definitely about quality setting and wellbeing of all of us. Spread the word and see you in 2023!


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