Adhana Festival

Adhana Festival

Who knew that a dream that started in 2019, in another reality, would bring us so many challenges? Producing this edition was probably one of the most complex missions of our lives. From the beginning of the pandemic until the present moment, we have faced countless setbacks, we had to make difficult, risky decisions, we are dealing in a daily basis with uncertainties but, above all, we did not stop believing that it was possible and that we all deserved a musical, cultural and emotional immersion to enter 2022 full of good energies.

And our dedication paid off! This Adhana will always be remembered as a milestone in our stories, the moment when we once again see in practice that everything we believe is true, a celebration in which everyone involved – artists, audience and production – dedicated themselves body and soul and, together, have built experiences that we will carry with us for a lifetime.

Eternal gratitude to all of you for making this possible! Check out our complete photo coverage below, remember every detail, relive every emotion felt and be sure to save your favorite photos.


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