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As a tribute for reaching a 1000 fans, here is a Free Download Mix showcasing Strain‘s favourite tracks from the end of the 2013 year. Tracks featured from Replicant Records, Digital Psionics, Phonix Records and Psyology Records. Listen, share, download and enjoy!


  1. Catarsis Vs Jaws Underground – We are legion
  2. Locked Locker – Substance D
  3. Shuumat – Don’t Shoot the Process
  4. Remove – Idea
  5. Orca – Bed time Stories (Iliuchina remix)
  6. Iliuchina – Play Time is (Subzero remix)
  7. Z3ro vs 3M – The End
  8. Thrillseeker – Intoxicated
  9. Rabdom L – Inside the Dollhouse (2013 remix)
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