Dan Thomas, popularly known by his stage name Sinerider, is a recognized figure in the global psytrance community. Born in the UK, he ventured into the vibrant universe of psytrance, with his musical roots tracing back to early keyboard lessons and drumming sessions.

By the age of eighteen, Dan was drawn into the realm of electronic music and DJing, which subsequently led him to embrace the genre of psytrance around the year 2000. One might attribute his affinity for psytrance to his personal party preferences, but his devotion to the genre goes deeper than mere music. Sinerider has expressed that beyond just the tunes, the “Goa” scene and psytrance encapsulate a lifestyle that beckons open-minded souls from all over.

In 2014, Sinerider made a notable mark in the scene with his debut album, “Pure Tones.” The album not only introduced his signature sound to dance floors worldwide but also established his distinct melodic and groovy style. This style exudes a certain purity, as Sinerider often opts for a straightforward approach to music production, shying away from excessive effects and placing a higher emphasis on experience, which remains paramount in refining his mixes.

His musical prowess extends beyond just Sinerider, as he manages multiple projects that showcase his versatility as an artist. For instance, Divination, another one of his ventures, adopts a heavier tone compared to the uplifting trance presented by Sinerider. This project amalgamates 13 years of Dan’s trance production skills, converging sounds that span between 136 to 139 BPM. It draws influences from renowned artists such as Zen Mechanics, Ace Ventura, Symbolic, and Vertical Mode.

Simultaneously, Antispin, which is a collaborative effort with Hugo Rendell, leans towards a minimalistic, intense nighttime vibe, with rhythms centered around 145-148 BPM. This project borrows elements from genres like drum and bass, UK bass music, and resonates with influences from artists like Scorb and Absolum.

Dan’s affiliation with 24/7 Records is worth noting, as it is deeply rooted in mutual respect, friendship, and an unwavering commitment to delivering quality music. He crossed paths with DJ Astralex in 2001 and subsequently connected with Andreas (Materia), which paved his way into the label. Their collective ethos aligns perfectly, with a collaborative spirit permeating their work.

Beyond his professional achievements, Sinerider is known to cherish his memories of live performances. A memorable episode from his journey is the Ozora 2014 festival, where he performed amid dramatic storms, adding a surreal touch to the psychedelic experience.

Moreover, while Dan takes pride in his recent endeavors, he also believes that his past works, such as those from Antispin, continue to resonate with audiences today. This perspective underscores his belief in the enduring power of genuine content, even if it supersedes production quality.

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