Ectima is a progressive tech-trance musical collaboration between two notable artists, Dalibor Delic (Flegma) and Nikola Kozic (Zyce). Both Dalibor and Nikola have made significant marks in the progressive trance scene, but when united as Ectima, they present a unique blend of their individual musical influences and expertise.

Dalibor Delic, under the alias Flegma, originates from Belgrade and started his musical journey with a diverse musical background. He focused on creating a blend of bass lines, sequences, pads, and synth leads. On the other hand, Nikola Kozic, popularly known by his stage name Zyce, hails from Serbia and transitioned from guitar-centric bands to the realm of electronic music. Nikola’s solo work, including albums such as “Hyper Cube” and “Transgressive,” received significant acclaim, leading him to major collaborations and performances at prominent festivals.

Together as Ectima, Dalibor and Nikola have produced music characterized by innovative “technotic” elements. These elements include strong basslines, intricate lead synths, and complex FX that together form dynamic and evolving musical landscapes. Their music often culminates in sonic explosions and hypnotic progressions that engage and captivate listeners. Energetic live performances, marked by distinctive drum loops and invigorating breaks, have become a hallmark of Ectima’s unique style.

Their collaboration as Ectima began around 2004, with Nikola incorporating his instrumental background from his transition from rock to electronic music. At the same time, Dalibor honed his music production skills, having been influenced by trance since as far back as 1999. Their collective output is characterized by deep basslines, engaging percussive sequences, and dynamic synth work, all presented through spirited live shows. They have released their music on various labels, including Iono Music, Synergetic, and Spin Twist. Notably, Ectima launched an album titled “No Way Out” under the Geo – Morningstar label, which was met with positive reception due to its structured soundscapes and thematic emphasis.

In addition to their work as Ectima, both artists are involved in various other projects. They co-founded the artist organization and record label “TesseracTstudio.”

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