Nick Grater

Nick Grater is a distinguished figure in the South African techno music industry, having influenced and shaped its landscape for over two decades. Starting from humble beginnings at Atomic in Johannesburg, Nick Grater has since risen to become a techno powerhouse, especially with his involvement in the Teknotribe events which began in 2003.

Renowned as a purist in the techno scene, Nick has achieved excellence both as a top-tier techno performer and a global ambassador for the genre. This acclaim is supported by his dynamic style and notable production efforts. Moreover, Nick Grater has consistently demonstrated his proficiency through various musical undertakings such as collaborations, solo tracks, and remixes for esteemed music labels.

Internationally, Nick Grater’s influence is widespread, with his presence being felt in countries like the UK, Brazil, and Germany, often in association with other prominent international DJs. His unwavering passion has played an instrumental role in solidifying the future of techno music in South Africa, which in turn, has garnered him widespread respect and acknowledgment from industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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