Motion Theory

Motion Theory, known in the pulsating realms of psytrance as Tyron Berry, hails from the vibrant city of Cape Town, South Africa. This visionary artist has etched his mark on the global psytrance scene with an unmistakable blend of sonic innovation and unparalleled versatility. Steering clear of conventional boundaries, Motion Theory’s musical journey spans a diverse spectrum, captivating audiences and earning him the title of a highly respected psychedelic DJ.

Tyron’s sonic odyssey isn’t confined to a singular tempo, as evidenced by his exclusive Psymedia Mix #323, a psychedelic journey ranging from 144 to 146bpm. Released on September 2, 2019, this mix showcases Motion Theory’s ability to weave a narrative through well-established labels like Nano Records, cementing his status as a maestro in the genre. In the realm of production, Motion Theory has curated a distinctive tribute to the beauty of psytrance with his compilation “Perceptionz (Selected by Motion Theory).” Released on Beatspace Records, this compilation stands as a testament to his commitment to pushing sonic boundaries and celebrating the essence of psychedelic soundscapes.

Motion Theory’s prowess extends beyond the studio, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage. His memorable performance at PsynOpticz Podcast #060, a milestone 60th episode, showcases his adept skills and versatility. Tyron Berry’s influence transcends borders, and his participation in major festivals has become a sonic pilgrimage for fans worldwide. Whether unleashing his beats at home in South Africa or gracing international stages, Motion Theory continues to be a luminary force, shaping the trajectory of psytrance with his unique sonic tapestry.

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