Killer B

Killer B, led by Bennie Koorts, stands as a defining pillar in the psytrance world, originating from South Africa in 2000. Bennie’s unerring ability to create infectious soundtracks for the dance floor, coupled with his deep and resonating bass tones, has left many a trance aficionado in awe. These tight beats, rhythmic grooves, and psychedelic tunes make for an undeniably potent combination, and one can’t help but be drawn to the intense energy that emanates from his sets.

Taking a dive into Bennie’s roots, it’s evident that his ardor for music wasn’t a fleeting passion. The 2000 international vinyl release titled “Minimal Thoughts” stands testament to his early success. Since then, his sonic journey has been marked by a series of tracks and remixes that have graced multiple record labels.

His profound impact on the South African underground music scene is not limited to just creating music. Bennie has been instrumental in curating new music through both DJ and live sets. His contributions have not only been as a music artist but also as an event organizer, playing a pivotal role in nurturing and promoting emerging talents. Bennie’s foresight led him to establish Amoeba Records in 2004, an endeavor that has significantly contributed to nurturing the psy culture in South Africa.

While many remember Killer B for his music, he’s also an accomplished international creative designer. His artistry has graced various platforms, further attesting to his multifaceted talents.

On stage, Killer B is no less than magnetic. His performances at renowned festivals like Mo:Dem, Tunda Festival Lithuania, Vortex, Origin Festival, and Echo Festivals have solidified his place as a psytrance maestro. His decade-long association with the Looney Moon crew bore tracks such as “Off My Nut” and “Psychological Experiment.” This collaboration’s continuation promises to yield more musical gems, with the latest EP Biocycles released in August 2023 topping the Beatport charts.

Bennie’s journey, however, is not one without influencers. Names like Tsuyoshi Suzuki, KoxBox, and Tim Schuldt have left a mark on his musical style. A versatile blend of tight beats, groovy rhythms, and potent bass infused with twisted psychedelic sounds, his music has a flair that’s uniquely Killer B. As he reminisces in an interview, his transition from genres like reggae and techno to Goa trance has been driven by electronic music’s unparalleled power to unify souls.

Though Bennie’s impressive trajectory in the music scene speaks volumes, he remains grounded. In his words, challenges do arise, especially given the various subgenres in music. His advice to newcomers? Relish the experience, remain genuine, and immerse oneself completely in the music. To aspiring DJs, he emphasizes passion coupled with unwavering dedication as the key.

As Killer B continues to evolve and push boundaries, one thing remains certain: every beat, rhythm, and tune promises a captivating journey for listeners and dancers alike.

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