Shankra Festival postponed

Shankra Festival postponed

The popular Swiss party Shankra Festival has made the decision to postpone their 2020 edition to 2021 in light of the coronavirus pandemic. As of writing, Switzerland currently has more than 25 000 coronavirus cases.

Your health is imperative to us and we will not compromise on it. Gathering up thousands of people from all over the world may jeopardize all the efforts and sacrifices that we are going through in this moment.

After briefing with every group of interest, with local and national authorities and with all the other festivals in the psychedelic scene, we have decided that the most responsible act is to postpone our event to 7 – 11 JULY 2021.

All the ticket holders will be granted access to Shankra 2021, which will host the exact same artistic value as we were planning to offer this year. Shankra is entirely financed by ticket revenues, we always have been sponsor-free for a greater cause. Ticket sales have been funding everything that goes into the production of our 2020 edition.

Shankra Festival team


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