Zenith Gathering 2023

Zenith Gathering 2023

Each time you enter through our gates with your interdimensional passport, you cross through an anomaly of everything currently known, a vortex of time and space that shoots you to a moment of zenith…
We start Zenith’s story in history and rewind to just over 5,000 years ago, back to the days where stories were told with hieroglyphs and murals as opposed to the innerwebs and memes, a time when other worldly beings were the alpha who powered the lands with their precise machines to produce lights, crafts and crazy sound.
During our prologue, we gather amongst the ancient ruins moments after their completion, when the pyramids were freshly built, the lands were lush and the cultures of the past were thriving. It is then where we shared a special experience to behold together with the start of what was to come and as one united tribe.
The universe you once knew is now anew, welcome to the zenith of our existence…


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