VÉR – Exploring the Roots

VÉR – Exploring the Roots

A Retro Futuristic Trance Dance Experience

In the prolonged Ancient surviving languages of the world, VÉR means Root in ( தமிழ் ) Tamil Language. ( Pronounced ‘Vear’ )

By exploring the roots, we remember and reconnect, It is at the root of all that exists, the real mystery that lives within each of us, that connects us to the sun and the moon as well as to all of creation. The Goa Trance emerged as an expression of the Psyculture in the early 90’s, honoring its birth place, where the sound had its ‘primary cry’ during the 60’s and 70’s. We are going to the Roots of Psychedelic Trance Music, Goa Trance or Goa Is the Root of the Modern Psychedelic Trance Music.

Goa Trance will take you on a journey to the hyperspace of mind, to explore multidimensional sonic color scapes, from the micro quantum particles to the macro immeasurable Worlds, Star Systems, Galaxies, and the Universe, Buckle up for a hyperspace ride to the very Root of Psychedelic Trance Music that VÉR will take you through.

{First Two Days, i.e 27th & 28th will be a Pure GOATRANCE Showcase (604 Sounds) from SUNTRIP RECORDS & GOA MADNESS RECORDS, On the Last day, i.e on 29th we Showcase Artists from different Sub Genres of Psytrance}.

Come Be a Part of the Experience and Bring Your Senses Alive to the Sound of the New Millennium.


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