Trishula Gathering 2024

Trishula Festival 2024

Welcome to the 2024 edition of Trishula Gathering
For those who do not know us, Trishula Gathering™®(patent pending) is an experimental psychedelic 3 day music & art focused event held in the Australian bush. We aim to host upcoming and established artists from all over the Country and the world who seek to push the boundaries of their art, and art in general.
We endeavour to create a magical, explorative and stimulating environment from which we all leave feeling fulfilled, connected and contented. If you wish to explore new realms of emerging sound and immersive experience then this is the event for you.
We wish to create a platform for all artists who feel as though their art has left the realm of common understanding and may as a result be forgotten or overlooked in their pursuits of boundary-pushing.
Our mission is to bring together creators of all kinds who have the will to pursue, the creativity to create anew, and the passion to see it through.
All art is beingness and all beingness as art. With an open heart, please join us in this ritual of renewal.
We shouldn’t have to say much on this, absolutely no discriminatory behavior will be tolerated. We are a safe space for all persons who show up with respect for themselves, one another and the land.


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