Tribal Gathering 2024

Tribal Gathering Panama 2024

Welcome to Tribal Gathering, your link to Warm Beaches in Paradise!

🌴 We are excited to announce our new permanent location along the breathtaking Caribbean coast, on the spot called the Hippie Beach. Nestled amidst rolling jungle hills, our new home boasts stunning palm-lined beaches, making it the perfect backdrop for your unforgettable journey.

🏗 A Hub of Ecological Innovation: Our local teams and dedicated global volunteers have worked tirelessly to create an ecological logistics hub. We’ve used locally sourced and reclaimed timbers to construct sustainable structures.

💧 Eco-Friendly Practices: Our water supply is powered by windmills and gravity, while grey wastewater undergoes reed bed and pond filtration, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

🌱 Green Initiatives: We’ve taken steps to leave a positive mark on the land we now call home. We’ve built 100% compost toilets and planted hundreds of trees, including seventeen fruit varieties and numerous Guadua bamboo. Our small livestock farm, home to ducks and chickens, thrives in harmony with nature.

🌏 Building a Global Community: Our journey is just beginning. We are embarking on the construction of a global community, with the centrepiece being a permanent indigenous forum. This forum will house a conference center, encircled by educational workshops, outdoor music venues, circus and carnival spaces, yoga centers, wellness facilities, cafes, bars, and camping areas. Our vision extends to include permanent accommodations, creating a thriving and sustainable space for all.

🎉 Join us in this exciting new chapter of Tribal Gathering. Experience the magic of our new home and the transformative power of unity and culture. It’s not just a festival; it’s a lifelong connection to a global tribe.

🌞 Secure your Early Bird Tickets now, and be a part of the journey!

Welcome to Your Home, Away From Home. Welcome to Tribal Gathering.


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