The Source Bagaraygan

The Source Bagaraygan

Dear members of the community we invite you to partake in a 4-day Festival Gathering.
“The Source Bagaraygan”
Not your average party but a collaboration of cultural celebration and Gathering or Bagaraygan as the original locals will tell you.
A place for education for as The Source mantra goes it’s a “Party with Purpose.”
Founded on the principle that you can both come together in celebration and learn new life skills transferred by members of the community.
Furthering our personal development and progression not just in our social life but also in our real life.
To Leave a Source Event is to leave a Stronger Smarter and better person, equipped with new life skills and deeper life insights.
The Source Bagaraygan is extra special as we would like you to leave with a most important message.
Nothing can be achieved through harboring hatred and will only stand to drive a wedge between what could be a productive and flourishing community.
Rather than us segregating in protest, the elders offer that we come to gather and learn the message of peace humility, and community.
Granting us the opportunity to respectfully pay homage to and be educated by the elders about the ancestors of this Sacred Land, traditional folk law, and the true meaning of a Bagaraygan.
3 Days, 3 Stages
PK sound Rig
Jungle Juice
Feb 16th-18th 2024
A Sacred message on Sacred Land.
Community networking, workshops, and live music by day.
Education and recognition in ceremony as we pass from day into night.
Leading into a nighttime Party of collective celebration that we have all culturally and consciously taken a step toward being stronger smarter and better-prepared people.


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