Rainbow Spirit Festival Reunion

We hear all the comments that so many of you miss Rainbow’s early days. We miss it too. The festival was pure magic, based on the principles of the 90’s raving mantra P.L.U.R (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect).
As the years went by, society changed. What was once considered alternative and underground, gradually gained popularity, drawing in a larger and more diverse crowd. With this growth came unexpected challenges that changed the festival’s atmosphere.
While most festival-goers still upheld the values of mutual respect and unity, we witnessed a noticeable change in crowd behavior. A lack of concern for the festival site’s natural environment; a rise in waste left behind on dancefloors and in the campgrounds; increased tensions amongst the crowd and less tolerance towards each other. Rainbow had moved away from the festival we wanted it to be.
This break has provided us a space to give thanks to all the elements that made Rainbow so special and let go of some of the less positive. An opportunity to press the reset button and align the festival into a new direction that more closely reflects our values of Creativity, Connection and Growth.


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