Miracle Purim Festival

Purim Festival 2023

Take yourself back… to the 80s, in the moments when the first buds of trance emerged into the sunlight in the Land of Israel.

Music that is detailed on the strings of love, energies of a home, a warm and loving embrace from the sound systems,

And a crowd of people that you probably wouldn’t meet anywhere except an plaza that explodes with emotions.

Returning for another emotional journey

An extraordinary team of artists is going to beat the Miracle Orchestra for long hours.

Hours of precise, powerful and joyful music.

Do you know what we love most about Purim?

Even though it sounds the funniest thing ever, it’s the only holiday where there are no masks…

You can be the most you in the world, without anyone being able to judge or look at you differently.

Celebrating the holiday of Purim, in the most amazing, satisfying and colorful way.

Allow yourself to enter the most extreme and special costumes you have imagined!

The event will take place about 25 minutes from the big city in an open location under the sky, which allows us to be free and completely free, with green and beautiful nature surrounding us from all sides.

The event is approved by all the relevant parties and nothing will be able to hinder us.

Entry to the event is conditional on clothing appropriate for the holiday of Purim and costumes only!


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