K’in Gathering

The Mayans had such an immense connection and were one with the stars, that they came to develop various intricate calendar systems that were used simultaneously to create larger cycles. The most commonly known were the Long Count, Tzolk’in (260-day sacred calendar) and the Haab (365-day civilian calendar). K’IN corresponds to the smallest unit in the ancient Maya Long Count calendar, which translates to ‘sun’ or one ‘day’.

Come join us on this next celebration as we attune to harmoniously live in the moment. There is no better way to practice channeling this flow than through the art of dance, so gather your tribe and let’s move to the rhythm. Dimensional Mayan Tribe proudly presents “K’IN Gathering Pystrance Festival” March 31 – April 2nd , near the outskirts of Dallas, TX bringing a unique experience to unwind and re-connect with our kindred psytrance family.


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