Bham Bham Bhole 2022

Xibalba Records presents our second 4-day open-air event BHAM BHAM BHOLE 2022.

Bham Bham Bhole is a traditional Indian chant used by the Yogis and Babas of India for centuries. Bham means fear in the Sanskrit language, and Bhole (short for Bholenath, Lord Shiva) means the innocent Shiva who forgives and blesses his devotees without rigorous rituals. So together, Bham Bham Bhole roughly translates to “Oh Lord Shiva, take my fear away.” Losing our fear is the first step to self-awareness, and it is the path to all sacred rituals. So let us unite in this desert gathering to sing, dance, and love each other and collectively hope for a better future for the planet.


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