AUM New Years Eve Festival

AUM Festival

Welcome to AUM New Years Eve Festival in New Zealand!

After our last new year’s festival many people wondered if we could top the incredible festival experience everyone is still speaking about… Our promise to you is that in the eighth year of AUM you can expect the team to take the festival experience to heights never seen. Each year is a lifetime in the planning… and we are just getting warmed up!

This year we want to use the power of our collective imagination. To not just visualise a better, more colourful world filled with art, freedom of expression, kindness and love, but to live and breathe it into existence.
Spend three days immersed in the festival of your dreams. An adventure paradise with no comparison. A soul rejuvenating holiday destination where you can be who or whatever you want to be.

Let your imagination run wild with costumes, art and wondrous campsites. Or simply come just as you are. Follow your hearts path and unlock the door into the fantasy world of IMAGINARIAUM. Your dreams await you.

**Aum Festival 2022 is the largest truly family-friendly camping music & art festival in New Zealand held over the new years. This year we have over 120 artists across 4 stages plus a schedule of activities and workshops to keep you entertained for days. Our camping grounds are among the most beautiful you’ll experience in NZ. Fresh water, showers, camping and parking at no extra cost.






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