The biennial Boom Festival hosted in Portugal is set to take place on 22 – 29 July 2018 at Lake Idanha-a-Nova. The Boom team have released a message regarding ticket sales:

We are finally approaching a much anticipated date, tickets for the Boom Festival 2018 will be released on the 19th of October 2017!

Like every year, the pricing system is determined by several conditions. Some are underlying principles that have remained the same for years, like adjusting prices to specific economies to give everyone a chance, sharing revenues with side projects and the Boomland itself, having a guest country, and not believing in growth as a factor for success.

The other conditions go along the lines of social change and economic fluctuations, and therefore must be adapted to the present circumstances. We remain independent, sponsor-free. In 2018, we will remain with a limited capacity.
It is likely that tickets will sell very fast, and as they will be limited, we recommend everyone to plan ahead. And worry not, next week we will be releasing more information on tickets, ticket pricing, guest country and Boom ambassadors.

Stay tuned for more information. Also keep your eyes peeled on the Boom Festival 2018 event page. We will be announcing the South African ambassador, plus flight information soon. Start saving up, this is definitely one of the best psytrance festivals!