The idea behind the Boom is to create a space in this time continuum where people from all over the world can live an alternative reality. It’s a festival dedicated to all free spirits. It’s a celebration of intuition and telepathy as we watch how communication changes along these few days and how in the end there is no more need for words.

We are re-born again into a reality of being in constant Universal Trance, in this state all changes are possible, the Universe is “at our fingertips”… we can mould it! The aim is to join a huge worldwide family in the present time continuum and in together allowing the Culture, the Love, the Sacred Earth and the Art to melt and mingle and eventually… Boom! We all take one big step together…

Every culture is expressed by its Art, emanating through the many expressions and shapes it assumes. A cultural event as a means of expression does not just focus on one of the aspects of the Art, but on the whole.Boom is an Art event, born from a culture which has long grown in the margins of mainstream culture reaching new expressions and visions. A whole world of people involved in the alternative, psychedelic and independent culture get together to show and share what they have found inside the Conscious Fractal, the Wholeness, the Oneness, the Truth.

Thoughts, music tracks, sculptures, paintings, clothes, films, photos, ideologies, experiences, communication, philosophies and lots more, all enhancing the possibilities of our life’s experiences. All adding to the Universe. The Full Moon of August has always been our guide as far as the Boom calendar is concerned. It’s an ongoing tradition with a few years now (it is the 8th edition) and this has decreed the dates of the Boom festival since its birth in ´97. Boom festival, due to its conscious shape-shifting and mutating properties, happens every two years in sync with the truth of impermanence, in sync with the Full Moon.

The gathering of the tribes, Boom is a celebration of telepathy and intuition. Peace, Art, Sustainability, Visionary Culture, Love.


 Idanha-a-Nova Lake / Portugal

The Boom Festival takes place near Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal, on the shores of an enchanting lake, near the Spanish border. The closest city is Castelo Branco, about 250 km from Lisbon and 350 km from Madrid (Spain).


2014 is a very special year because Boom celebrates its 10th edition (in 17 years of existence)! After the alchemical transformation of 2012, giving birth to a new beginning, the new theme is inspired by the ancient initiation rituals to Great Mother. It is homage to the “life giver”, that aspect of creation which is now magnificently re-emerging.

Many years ago, in a town near Athens called Eleusis, men and women from all over the western world gathered to be initiated into the mysteries of Demeter, the Greek version of the primordial Mother Nature. During the rituals the initiates reached an ecstatic communion with the Mother, they became One with All. It was an experience impossible to describe to those who had not been there and so deep that the initiates came back home changed forever.

The Mysteries of Eleusis are the most famous celebration of the ancient western world. They gave thousands of people the possibility to connect with the Great Goddess, with the mystery of the ever-regenerating life principle.

The Cult of Nature, the cult of ecstatic union with all things dating back to primitive times, was associated in all places and all times with female goddesses: Demeter, Isis, Ishtar, Tara, Shakti, Cybele, Yemanja, Pachamama, Coatlique… and after many centuries we hear their names echoing again in our modern festivals, as we rediscover the freedom to gather again, men and women of all walks of life and all corners of the world, to celebrate Oneness.

After the evolutionary phase when female goddesses were forgotten, we raise them up again next to their male counterparts: mutually empowered, in reciprocal support. Together they secure the continuation of life on this planet through the balance of the opposites, the dance of the polarities.

We rediscover the need to cultivate once again feminine qualities of compassion, cooperation, empathy, tenderness, vulnerability, intuition… to see that the “other” is another aspect of us and that prejudice and war are but an illusionary game of the mind, tricking us into believing that we are separated. And we recognize those feminine values as the colours to paint a new vision of a more compassionate world, to overcome a social, economical and spiritual crisis that is just a chance to discover that there is another way to do things…

With the strength of our thousands voices, we reaffirm the wisdom that lies in recognizing the Unity and Diversity of all things, an atom quietly buzzing in our skin, a butterfly flapping its wings in Beijing. We celebrate solidarity with strangers, compassion for all sensient beings. We recognize the emotional bond that lies in every exchange of goods and we support the creation of politics of care, community and sustainability. We honour the sacred aspects of our bodies and of the Earth, the spiritual dimensions of matter. We hold on to the hope that Love is still possible and we value the emotional strength that it takes to manifest it.

After the alchemical transmutation of Boom 2012, giving birth to a new beginning, we turn our hearts to honour the Life Giver, in search for the direction of the new path.

In Boom 2014 we celebrate: THE FEMININE.



  • Ajja
  • Altruism
  • Atmos
  • Atriohm
  • Avalon
  • Bodhi
  • Burn in Noise
  • Crazy Astronaut
  • E-Clip
  • Eat Static (2 Hour LIVE Show)
  • Ectogasmics
  • Farebi Jalebi
  • Filteria
  • Green Nuns Of The Revolution
  • GU
  • Hux Flux
  • Hypnocoustics
  • Hypnoise
  • Kashyyyk
  • Kin
  • LOUD
  • Mark Day
  • Master Blasters
  • Mind Distortion System
  • Nebula Meltdown
  • Outsiders
  • Parasense
  • Penta
  • Perfect Stranger
  • Pspiralife
  • Psymmetrix
  • Reality Grid ft. EVP
  • Shayman
  • Skyfall
  • Sonic Species
  • Suntree
  • System 7
  • Tristan
  • Ulvae
  • Vertical Mode
  • Zen Mechanics
  • Zentura


  • Ace Ventura (Special Boom 3 Hour Set – 2nd Flight)
  • Anestetic
  • Dick Trevor (3 Hour Set)
  • Digoa
  • Driss
  • Gayatree
  • Giuseppe & Jahbo (Psychedelic Long Set)
  • Ozzy
  • Regan (ZA)
  • Renegade (ZA)
  • Shane Gobi (ZA)
  • Shore Bar Axel
  • Thatha



The decor and installation art will be done by our very own Artescape and Daniel Popper from South Africa, supported by other amazing artists Android Jones (US), Carey Thompson (US), Kaleido.Act (France) and Patrice Hubert (France).


The Boom Bus is a charter bus service for a safer, more comfortable and sustainable Boom experience, providing transport from Lisbon and Madrid airports directly to the festival and back.

The Boom Bus arrives at the festival venue one day before the official gates open. This means you can choose the best spot to camp, decompress from your journey and have some time to absorb the enigma of the Portuguese countryside merged with the futuristic Boom’s structures, reminding you that the magic has already started…

For more info and to book your seat click here

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The Utopia After Boom is over. Long Live the Utopia Boom Landing! Join us in manifesting a new approach to fully integrate the Boom experience, from 11th to the 14th August 2014.

Celebration in Boom is a way to increase awareness. After a very intense week in a parallel universe, it can be very challenging to return to “normal” reality. All the people we met, the music we heard, the information we acquired, the endless hours we danced, they are intended to lead to a transformation…. but how?

Since 2006, in order to keep on celebrating, the Boom Team in collaboration with other crews, created the After Boom Utopia, like a smaller version of a party inspired by Boom happening in a different location. And since its beginning there have been many ups and downs with the organization and final manifestation of Utopia. In 2012 we had to move out of the previous location and the general feeling was that… something had to change!

In an effort to materialize the fundamental truth of the impermanent nature of all things… we now embrace the intention to create a whole new kind of event: the Utopia Boom Landing!

From the 11th to the 14th of August 2014, a lush green, shady, fresh area, about two hours from the Boom Land, will be the ideal landing strip for all the space travellers who wish to come down on planet Earth in synch with the humans’ biological cycle! The program will run only during daytime, with electronic and acoustic music on two different stages showcasing especially designed sets for a sustainable landing of all psychonauts. Music will merge with healing, massages, sharing, meditations, talks and all activities needed to reintegrate our newly born beings in the human form…

It is a reality or a Utopia? Come and see it with your own antennaes….


Parque Campismo São Gião (São Gião Camping). Near Oliveira do Hospital, Portugal.

An enchanted valley, green, shaded, fresh, with natural swimming pool, the best place to land after the Boom! The same venue as the Utopia After Boom 2006, 2008 and 2010.