Phixius, a burgeoning artist in the psytrance scene, has made significant waves in a short span. At 26, his rise to stardom was marked by a monumental win at the Equinox’s “New Guy” competition, which showcased emerging talents in the psytrance genre.

Hailing originally from Johannesburg, Phixius now resides in Somerset West. His relationship with psytrance began in 2009 at a Rezonance party, where he felt an immediate connection to the music’s intricate layers and trance-inducing beats.

Despite facing initial hurdles and doubts about his journey into the world of DJing, Phixius stayed true to his passion. As he delved deeper into the genre, he found himself leaning more towards progressive psy.

The origins of his alias, ‘Phixius’, are intriguing. While it is a term in Latin meaning “taking to flight”, Phixius was also inspired by the movie “The Replacements”. The moniker beautifully represents his journey — starting from the ground, facing challenges, and then soaring high.

Following his triumph at the Equinox competition, Phixius was welcomed into the fold as a resident DJ and label artist, marking a pivotal point in his career. This honor opened doors for him, and he quickly made his outdoor debut at Groovy Troopers, captivating audiences with his evocative beats. This was shortly followed by a heartfelt set at Equinox Play.

His musical style, which he fondly terms “psy prog”, draws inspiration from both the energy of the crowd and legendary psytrance artists such as Vertical Mode and Ace Ventura. Always eager to engage with his audience, Phixius feeds off the energy on the dance floor to craft sets that are both electrifying and responsive.

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